Arminox - Intelligent use of Stainless Steel in Concrete Structures
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Arminox - Intelligent use of Stainless Steel in Concrete Structures








Zertifizierungen Arminox



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ISO 9001:2015

UK Cares Product Conformity BS 6744:2016, BS 8666

UK Cares Product Conformity

Arminox Middle East, UAE




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Arminox Katalog                 Arminox Technische Spezifikationen

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Arminox Technical Specifications 2,3 Mb


  Arminox Mechanical Properties (Englisch)






Arminox Rapporten  

Pier in Progreso, Mexico
Inspection Report

Evaluation of the Stainless Steel Reinforcement

March 1999


6,0 Mb


Corrosion Aspects of Galvanic Coupling between Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel in Concrete


1,0 Mb



Stainless Steel Reinforcement
"State-of-the-art" Report

Materials and Maintenance


0,6 Mb


Cost-Effective Enhancement of Durability
of Concrete Structures by Intelligent use of

Stainless Steel Reinforcement


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